Cell phones Can Replace Cameras

With the onset of revolution in the field of information technology in late 90’s, the mobile phones went through a radical change and with this it was the customer who ultimately got all of the benefit. It is because few years ago once the first mobile camera phone had been introduced into the market, nobody ever thought that in coming years, these mobile handsets will come with powerful digital cameras installed in them. Nobody even thought that all even mobile phones can replace digital camera.

The mobile phone manufacturers took no time in understanding the importance of this alter and they put their whole hearted effort in trying to take advantage of this particular opportunity and in a very short span of time, the particular mobile phone companies brought a flood of stylish multi purpose cell phones with camera in market. These camera phones were introduced in the market with a purpose to serve the particular demands of customers who want to own the phones which have state of art technologies and the mobile phone companies successfully was able to do that.

Earlier when these phones had been introduced in market, they had the camera which was not good at creating images of high clarity, but as the time progressed the mobile producers began to put more effort in providing quality camera in their cell phones and due to their consistent efforts, mega pixel cameras made their way to the market. These cameras provided outstanding quality pictures and the feature of video recording to the consumer. Therefore these cameras were complete in most sense and became a perfect replacement for digital cameras and video cameras, which nevertheless cost a fortune to purchase. Now consumers are continuously buying those camera phone which have more no . of mega pixel towards their name, for e. gary the gadget guy if a consumer is asked to choose between a 3 mega -pixels phone and 5 mega pixels phone, he will definitely opt for the 2nd one for the obvious reason in terms of him it is a parameter for measuring the quality of cameras in the mobile phone.

But few years back even these mega pixels cameras were very costly, but due to cut throat competition between the mobile manufacturing companies, the cost of these camera phones came down drastically and today they are in the range of every customer. Moreover as these mobile phones can be used with regard to clicking photos as well as for recording movie, therefore the customer does not hesitates in buying them as they are cheaper after that digital cameras, also they are small, easy to use plus multipurpose.
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Today, mobile phones that come loaded with high capacity cameras such as Htc N95, N96 as they have built-in camera of 5 mega pixels or more. These mobile phones with digital camera are current flavor of the time of year. Every customer wants them and the mobile manufacturers know and hence are trying their best to satisfy the demands of shoppers. The manufacturers know that the demands plus expectations of customers changes frequently and they also too will have to change accordingly otherwise their competitors will edge all of them out of the market. To sum up in few words that today even mobile phones can replace camera.