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In the past, the awareness about sexual health was not so widespread. Many people are not very aware about the benefits of using contraceptives. Many people declined taking up contraceptive steps as the fear of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) was not as serious as it is now. The rise of vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk and casual sex in the country has led to increased number of STDs and STIs such as genital herpes, warts or HIV/AIDS. These intimate problems have served as an eye opener to many people and the use of condoms as a preventive measure has now increased at a rapid pace.

The use of condoms has increased to a much higher rate because of the three-fold benefits that it gives you. Firstly, condoms help you to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases and infections; secondly they are a reliable way to prevent against unplanned maternity and thirdly, some condoms are made to enhance your sexual performance and pleasure. Condoms are made of different materials such as rubber, latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene or lamb intestines. Out of all these types, latex condoms are the most widely used. Latex condoms offer more protection as they are flexible, stretchable and strong. The condom is worn over the penis before penetrative sex and is taken out and disposed safely after make use of.

Strangely with increased awareness of condoms nowadays, a number of myths have started rising. Let’s have a look at some of these myths plus debunk them with true facts.

Misconceptions and facts about condoms

Condoms reduce natural lubrication: This is incorrect. Latex condoms or in fact , all top quality condoms come with silicone or a few other kind of lubricant. So , you do not need to make use of Vaseline or a lubricant in order to appreciate better lubrication. Excess of lubrication, in the event that used with the condom, can melt the condom causing tiny holes in them.
Less sensitivity: Many people believe that condoms can make a man less sensitive however the fact is that some condoms can make a man more sensitive. Take the selection of Durex condoms for example. The Durex Fetherlite variant gives you a very gentle feel, making you extra sensitive.
Condoms not for oral sex: Some people believe that condoms are only meant for penetrative intercourse and not for oral sex, but this is a wrong statement. Some STIs can get transferred during oral sex as well and when you want to be safe, put on a condom.
It is safe to use two condoms: No . It isn’t. Using two condoms can increase the chances of their getting ripped during intercourse because of the friction between both. It is a bad idea and doing it may lead to breaking of both condoms.
Buying condoms is a shameful act: The truth is that if you are buying a condom, you are actually taking a protection precaution, it is not considered to be a shameful product, it sends the message that you are taking an informed decision and are also playing safe. People who are very orthodox might feel that you are committing a shameful act but do they really matter to you? They should not. If you feel shy, you can buy condoms on-line or from a self-service store.
Right after knowing these facts and debunking the myths, using the condoms in the correct way will be easier for you but it is essential to mention here that choosing the right condom is quite essential. A condom produced by a renowned brand will be high quality checked and comes with the assurance associated with best quality and durability. Amongst all the accessible condoms today, the Durex Condoms brand is a market leader. Durex Condoms have asserted their power over other brands by their sheer adherence to quality, the introduction of a wide range of flavours and an array of variants. Here’s more info on check out our web-page.
Furthermore, the availability of Durex condoms on-line has made getting your choice of the best condom even easier.